1. How to be a Tag-Teaming Parental Unit

    Question: My husband and I have very different views when it comes to disciplining our kids. From dinnertime rules to what to do when our teenager breaks curfew, he seems to just employ the strategy of letting the chips fall where they may; while I feel that kids need set boundaries and consistency. Please help, we're fighting more with each other rather than acting as a parenting tag-team.  Answ…Read More

  2. When Does Persuasion Turn to Manipulation?

    We've all heard of their existence. Those who are adept at getting what they need or desire out of almost any situation. Those that are able to persuade others to do their bidding through emotional warfare where guilt, frustration and confusion are used as weapons to gain even an inch over their perceived opponent. The master manipulator. Though their tactics are not terribly creative, or even sub…Read More

  3. The Tell-tale Signs of an Eating Disorder

    20 million American women; 10 million American men. Not just numbers or statistics, they represent the individuals that suffer, sometime during their lives, a clinically significant eating disorder. As one of the more confounding and complicated mental health issues, clinical eating disorders often require comprehensive and individualized treatment plans that can often last for years. Being inext…Read More