Accepting, caring and understanding.

Together, we can work toward a real, tangible change.

Combining empathy and intuition to understand every person and each situation, my goal is to support my clients with the compassion and genuine care that they deserve, taking into account their struggles, goals, hopes, desires, and histories. For me, it’s about building quality, unique and profound relationships with my clients, allowing me to give them the confidence to show them that change is, in fact, possible.

I understand that every person is unique. Using a combination of therapy techniques, I am able to really meet my clients on a personal level, helping them clarify goals, find their self-confidence and become effective and intentional with their relationships.

With a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and licensed in the state of California (44317), I have worked as a Marriage Counselor and Therapist for over 11 years, guiding individuals toward their goals, and watching as they achieve amazing strides in their relationships, in their workplace, and in their lives. We aim to work on communication skills, opening doors and creating effective ways to voice needs so you can be truly understood in all aspects of your life.

Because of the approach I use, my experience, knowledge and passion for every client, I am able to empathize and understand each on a deeper level, allowing every client to feel change, even after the very first psychotherapy session. That is because I believe it’s not just about you and me, you and your spouse, or you and others, it’s about building a quality relationship with yourself, allowing for more clarity, understanding and appreciation. In this way, you can truly make the changes you wish to see, and see the improvements you never thought you could reach.

I provide first time clients with a free 10-minute consultation so you can really share what you are going through and so I can make a rough plan about the kind of path we should take together.

Because I understand that problems don’t arise according to our session’s schedule, I make sure to call and email my clients back within the day, and we will try to meet for an appointment within the week.

I have been utilizing principles of research on the brain and the power of the mind in changing the structure and function of the brain. Through focusing attention on our internal world we are able to gain empathy and understanding for others allowing them to feel empathic attunement. Feeling attuned to can help one gain insight and understanding into their own internal processes which can cause one to change stuck and dysfunctional ways of relating. This process called Mindsight can actually change the course of your relationships and integrate areas of your history, beliefs, or trauma that weren’t integrated before. When we are able to modify our internal world we can change our patterns of relating to a more harmonious way of interacting. The therapeutic relationship is the conduit for increasing Mindsight and being able to look at the areas that are in need of the most attunement. Therapy with empathic attunement gives clients what they need in order to create change which is empowering for clients.


This research is valuable for working with the clients I work with to foster new insight into their concerns and find solutions. The quality of the therapeutic relationship and empathic attunement lead those with relationship issues to think about their issues and how they need to change their interactions. Clients with eating disorders are supported in their search for understanding the function of their eating disorder and are guided through their recovery. As they recover, they will be able to think more clearly as their brains are getting the nourishment they need to stay healthy. Teens are unique in the kind of attunement they need and what they respond to. Through years of working with teens, I have been able to find a way of building rapport with them to influence change. When they feel understood and heard, they can make positive steps.