Is your relationship causing you frustration and stress?

You may not realize that you can have a relationship without frustration and pain.


You can change your ways of relating with your partner

  • You may have gotten stuck in patterns of relating that cause you frustration and may make you feel like giving up. New research shows that therapy can cause change in our brain’s neural pathways which lead to healtheir ways of relating and feeling better in relationships.

You can open up to love again

  • You can have the love you want through learning you deserve to be loved and learning to love yourself

You can get your needs met

  • You can have change in your relationship by learning to ask for what you need with confidence.

You can have a more peaceful relationship

  • Through healthy communication between two people, asking for needs to be met, and taking responsibility on both sides, relationships go more smoothly and feel better.

You can become strong individually and in relationships

  • Being a part of a relationship means being able to be strong on your own. Being in a healthy relationship means being able to support each other’s personal growth and happiness.

You can experience deeper intimacy

  • When you feel safe in your relationship, you can trust more fully and communicate honestly leading to greater emotional and physical intimacy.


Find out how counseling for singles or couples can help you have the relationship you want


Has your relationship been causing you frustration and sadness?

If you are wondering if it’s possible for couples therapy to change your relationship, you are in the right place.


Couples Therapy can turn your relationship around and give you hope for the future if you have been going through any of these feeling

  • You feel you can’t communicate: You may be afraid to communicate which leads you to not get your needs met.
  • You may be constantly arguing or getting stuck in destructive communication.
  • You may feel disconnected from your partner and feel there is little hope to get closer. 
  • Closeness and intimacy may be unfulfilling. You may feel afraid to ask for more closeness and intimacy.
  • You may feel alone in your relationship: You want to improve your relationship, but don’t know where to start.


Couples and Relationship Counseling can make you feel good about your relationship again


You may be wondering how you can overcome the struggle and feeling alone in your relationship, but change is always possible. Your relationship can heal and you can have the love that you want. Relationship counseling and couples therapy can help you overcome obstacles that are getting in the way of the relationship you want.

Couple’s and relationship counseling can help you

  • Help heal from past wounds and overcome conflicts.
  • communicate respectfully and feel understood.
  • Increase emotional and physical intimacy.
  • Create trust and closeness with each other.
  • Enjoy each other’s company again.


Are you tired of relationships that give you heartache?

Counseling helps heal painful wounds of the past and allows you to be more open to love

If you feel stuck in the same patterns in your relationships, counseling allows you to break those patterns and find more positive ways of relating that can get you the love you want.

If you can identify with any of these feelings, counseling can help

  • You feel you have to do all the work in your relationships: You feel like you are the only one putting in the effort.
  • You feel alone in relationships: You feel hurt or angry and don’t know how to communicate these feelings.
  • You end up doing and saying things you regret: You react from hurt and anger and don’t know how to change.
  • You give too much in relationships: You end up feeling drained and resentful.
  • You feel you aren’t deserving of a loving relationship: You feel unworthy of love and that a healthy relationship isn’t possible.
  • You wish to have a loving relationship, but are afraid you will continue to have the same pain you had in the past: You are afraid to open up and let someone in.


Counseling allows you to feel better about yourself and your future in relationships

You can change the relationship patterns that caused you pain in the past and feel worthy of love. You can have a relationship that you feel good about where you can be heard, valued, and cared for. I have seen countless clients that have experienced painful relationships obtain positive and loving relationships they didn’t think was possible.

  • Heal past pain and feel more worthy of love
  • Discover what you need and want in your relationships
  • Learn how to communicate what you need in the relationship
  • Feel safe that you can make the right decisions for yourself in love
  • Feel fulfilled and connected in your relationships than you have before

With my  support, I will help guide you, as a therapist,  in healing from past wounds to forming relationships where you feel heard, valued, and cared for. I will help you gain confidence in your choices so you can bring relationships into your life that bring you happiness. This will help pave the way to ensure you will have the best relationship for yourself in the future. Schedule a free consultation and get started on more enriching relationships.