Are you tired of your obsession with your body and food?

You can be free of obsessive thoughts about your body that cause you pain through comprehensive eating disorder treatment. You can have relief from the emotional bonds that keep you in an endless cycle of starving, binging and purging, and excessive exercise. You can experience self-acceptance and joy.


It is possible to achieve a healthy relationship with food and your body.

  • Self-acceptance and loving your body is possible: Emotional pain has held you back in the form of disordered eating and can be healed. You may have felt afraid of letting go of behaviors that make you feel safe, but you can experience freedom from having to use them.
  • You can develop a healthy relationship with food: You may not think it’s possible to let go of eating behaviors that make you feel safe, but healing from past pain and trauma will lead you to let go of these behaviors.
  • You can gain inner strength and peace: You can gain confidence through letting go of behaviors that make you feel safe. You will gain strength to lead the life you want and feel in control of your future.
  • You can have loving relationships: So much of your time has been spent with your obsession with food and your body leaving little desire or energy for relationships. Healing trauma and past pain will give you more energy and space for loving relationships.


Do You struggle with disordered eating?

Counseling is often necessary for the treatment of emotional eating, anorexia, and bulimia to help free you from obsessive behaviors with food

Eating Disorder Treatment helps heal past wounds and trauma that have contributed to one’s emotional eating, anorexia, or bulimia. The results you gain with counseling are healthier eating habits, self-acceptance, healing of past wounds, and an inner confidence.

If you identify with any of these experiences, therapy will help you overcome your   emotional ties to eating and feel better about yourself


Eating Disorder characteristics

  • You don’t like your body: You don’t like what you see and want to be thinner, fitter, or prettier
  • You engage in starving, binging and purging, or excessive exercise: You use these behaviors ignoring your hunger signs regularly.
  • You are scared of gaining weight: You may fear losing control of your eating and engage in behaviors that make you feel “safe”.
  • You can’t be thin enough: You can’t be satisfied with yourself and continuously beat yourself up for not being thin enough.
  • Even if you wanted to stop these behaviors, you can’t: These behaviors have made you feel safe and you are afraid to let them go. You can’t see that you are hurting yourself and can’t stop.

If you identify with any of the feelings above, you may have tried different things to feel better, but feel you can’t do it on your own. You may have tried but are too afraid to let go of these eating patterns and are seeking out help. I understand your struggle with food and my experiences have shown me that you can overcome your struggles with food and your body image.

You will benefit from working with a therapist specializing in eating disorders. I have an extensive knowledge of eating disorders and a treatment plan that ensures you are guided and supported throughout the process. Through uncovering past wounds, I will help you understand the reasons you have been using these behaviors and help you heal from these memories. You will be able to let go of behaviors and incorporate healthy eating habits and self-acceptance. Working through past wounds with the right support will bring self-acceptance and courage to incorporate a healthier lifestyle.


You Can Change your eating habits and feel good about yourself

  • You can learn to listen to your hunger signs and when you are full: Instead of ignoring these signals, you will learn to trust them. Your will be able to trust your intuition about your body’s need for fuel.
  • You won’t feel controlled by obsessive thoughts of food, your body, or self-criticism: You will have more energy for relationships, activities you enjoy, and self-care.
  • You will be able to understand why you had an eating disorder: Through healing of past pain and trauma, you will be able to have more patience and compassion for yourself and what you have been through.
  • You will have self-acceptance: You will learn to love your body and let go of self-criticism.
  • You will feel more open for relationships: You will have more energy to connect with others and will be present so you can enjoy your relationships.

As your therapist, I will help guide you through healing from your disordered eating. This involves healing from past painful relationships or trauma, understanding your eating disorder and it’s function in your life, and learning to live with healthier eating habits. With my support, you will feel the strength to let go of your eating disorder bringing in  healthier and happier you.