A comforting, understanding therapy to help you get your marriage back.

Marriage, like any relationship, requires careful nurturing and care. However, especially over the years, old wounds dig deeper, struggles become harder and communication becomes increasingly difficult. Marriage counseling has proven to be a very effective way to reconnect with your spouse on a more intimate level. Allowing you both to grow and feelempowered in your home environment so you can be more confident in every other aspect of your life.

No two marriages are the same, and no two counseling sessions should be identical either. Because I have over a decade of experience as a therapist and hold a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, I am able to use a variety of techniques and approaches in order to guide you and your spouse through the tough times, re-opening communication lines and re-discovering each other.

Whether your marriage is being weakened by infidelity, a history that one spouse just can’t forget, a childhood home life that has impeded your ability to communicate, intimacy issues, or anything else – if you are willing to fight for your marriage through couples therapy, than I am too.

Say goodbye to countless attempts of trying to change only to feel that nothing is working. Say goodbye to the fights that repeat over and over again without a resolution. Say goodbye to the anxiety and depression associated with feeling misunderstood and under-appreciated or unfulfilled.

Call me today for your first, free 10-minute consultation and see how marriage counseling can change your life and your relationship.