1. How to be a Tag-Teaming Parental Unit

    Question: My husband and I have very different views when it comes to disciplining our kids. From dinnertime rules to what to do when our teenager breaks curfew, he seems to just employ the strategy of letting the chips fall where they may; while I feel that kids need set boundaries and consistency. Please help, we're fighting more with each other rather than acting as a parenting tag-team.  Answ…Read More

  2. How do I Talk to My Daughter About Her Eating Disorder?

    Unfortunately, they can strike almost anyone in the US: men, women, children, teens and adults of all ages, races and economic status. Though some are more vulnerable during certain periods and life stages, the faces of those suffering from eating disorders vary greatly. It is estimated that about 11 million Americans suffer from eating disorders. Unfortunately, their illness is still shrouded in…Read More

  3. Why Your Teen’s Rebellion isn’t a Cause for Alarm

    It seemingly happens overnight. One day, your perfect child is just as charming and enjoyable as they ever were; the next, they question everything and push every envelope. Where once they looked to please you and fill you with pride; now it seems that they test your patience and your parenting at every turn. But be patient; unless your teen steps over the line and begins to engage in dangerous ac…Read More