1. The Link Between Power, Money and Infidelity

    "Money is power. Power is an aphrodisiac."  - Felix Dennis, English poet and publisher Though we like to believe that attraction is more of a circumstance of chemistry or romantic connections, the link between money and sex is often an easily-observed one. Throughout history, those who hold power are often seen as being able to attract more members of the opposite sex. And there is always some fa…Read More

  2. Are There Real Reasons for Being Unfaithful?

    Forsaking all others. When a couple stands before others and replies "I do" to the question of forsaking all others, they assume the responsibility of remaining faithful to their chosen. This promise, to look only to that one person for affection and sexual fulfillment, is a cornerstone upon which a strong, trusting and fulfilling relationship is built. So why is it so easy for so many to break?…Read More

  3. When Does Persuasion Turn to Manipulation?

    We've all heard of their existence. Those who are adept at getting what they need or desire out of almost any situation. Those that are able to persuade others to do their bidding through emotional warfare where guilt, frustration and confusion are used as weapons to gain even an inch over their perceived opponent. The master manipulator. Though their tactics are not terribly creative, or even sub…Read More

  4. How to Reduce Sibling Rivalries

    To an only child, siblings often seem like built-in friends.... Someone always there for entertainment and support....Someone to lean on, a comrade of sorts, a partner to create a history with. But those with siblings know the truth. More often than not, siblings clash over a variety of issues; which often stem from vying for parental attention or the need to establish unique personal dynamics. A…Read More

  5. The Far-Reaching Effects of Divorce

    Listen to any child of divorce and their stories and you begin to understand the far-reaching implications of divorce. Where some good reasons do exist for the dissolution of marriage, many many more reasons support the need for couples to work out their differences and stay together. Not that we are advocating staying in a toxic marriage "for the sake of the children", but there are many problems…Read More

  6. How to Quickly Destroy Your Marriage: Lie

    "Yeah, it never fails to amaze me how a single lie can undo an entire lifetime of good."      - SHERRILYN KENYON, Upon the Midnight Clear When Holly first learned of her husband's financial indiscretions, the gambling, the growing debt, the imminent threats of bankruptcy and foreclosure; of course she was infuriated. She found it incredible that he would put their family's entire financial futu…Read More

  7. How to Know When You Need Marriage Counseling

    With divorce rates still at approximately 50% in the United States, it may come as a shock to find out that only one in four couples who are filing for divorce ever seek couples therapy or marriage counseling before splitting. Furthermore, according to sources cited by an online article on psychologytoday.com, those that do seek help first waited "an average of six years after serious problems dev…Read More

  8. Common Communication Mistakes Made Between Partners

    We've all heard that communication is the key to all strong relationships. Ineffective and problematic communication techniques often lead to resentment, anger and disengagement. Within a marriage, good communication skills can make all the difference in regards to the ability to establish bonds, build trust and establish a higher level of mutual respect and understanding. Many couples often find …Read More