“Money is power. Power is an aphrodisiac.”

 – Felix Dennis, English poet and publisher

Though we like to believe that attraction is more of a circumstance of chemistry or romantic connections, the link between money and sex is often an easily-observed one. Throughout history, those who hold power are often seen as being able to attract more members of the opposite sex. And there is always some faction of our society that is ready to prove, albeit with professed objections, this particular law of attraction; on both sides of that alluring coin. Where true romantics may want to deny that there is a link between the size of our bank accounts, recent studies prove otherwise. In fact, financial factors may also influence the tendency in some to be unfaithful in their relationships and in somewhat contradictory fashions.

It seems that when men either under-perform or outpace their spouse financially, there is more tendency to cheat – at either end of the spectrum. For men who feel dependent on a woman for their financial status, the proclivity to cheat is enhanced because of a need to prove their masculinity if they felt that it was in question. According to research published by Christin Munsch at Cornell University, not all men who earned less than their spouse cheated however. If the two were on the same education, religious or social status then they were both more likely to remain faithful.

On the other hand, Munsch’s research also proved that power and money did increase the likelihood of infidelity, regardless of shared statuses. The study showed that oftentimes when men make a higher income, they are exposed to more opportunity to cheat and give themselves permission to do so. The more a man’s financial status was elevated so, it seems, was his tendency to be unfaithful.

However, like with any factor regarding long-term relationships, societal norms do not have to effect your relationship. If you and your spouse need to re-prioritize your marital bond, schedule your free consultation with Westlake Village’s experienced marriage counselor and family therapist, Sarah Markham, MFT. Her support can help you regain the trust and loyalty you seek in each other.