We often hear that communication is key to any positive relationship but understanding just what that means is imperative. It is likely, if you are committed to anyone for any length of time, that communication techniques will have an affect on that relationship; in both good and bad ways. Though most of us believe that we engage with our partners in positive ways, we often make mistakes that we aren’t aware of. Or we engage in negative strategies during times of conflict and disagreement with the intent of winning the argument. In our last blog, we offered some basic tips for effective communication. In this blog, we would like to expand on those tips, offering more ways you can keep your communication with your spouse on the positive side. These tips include:

  • Acknowledge what you heard. Where real and active listening is imperative, having your partner understand that you see where they are coming from is key. Before stating your position, acknowledge your partner’s by repeating what they said. For example, state that you see that you can see that they are upset because they believe …… however, here is how I see the situation…. Make sure